How to choose water recirculating chillers?

Several analytical  instruments use water recirculating chiller to maintain their process temperatures, the effective thermoregulation is done by recirculating water.

 A recirculating chiller is a form of enclosed, high-efficiency cooling system. Their major role is to remove heat by circulating cold water and maintenance temperature as per attached instrument. Most recirculating chillers can work in temperatures ranging from 12 to 30 degree which is adjustable.

Let’s discuss some common issues which damage critical component like pump and compressor.

Dry run off Chiller

1. Insufficient fluid in reservoir

This happens when there is Insufficient fluid in reservoir due to which there is low water flow and leads to damage of pump and compressor. 

2. Blocked fluid filter

When dust particles or contaminants in the water clog the filter, no pumping or water flow occurs.

3. No fluid in pump cavity

This happens when there is air in pump cavity due to the leakage in pipe. Such issues damage critical components and increase system downtime with heavy maintenance cost to run the system.

When such criteria are ignored, chiller selection becomes more difficult. This is where HEXON INSTRUMENTS research and studies come in handy to help find a solution.

Automatic chillers: The next generation chiller

Hexon Instruments introduces the Smart Chiller, which is powered by a This next generation smart chiller recognize and save the system components from damage.

SMART Chillex Mini

SMART Chillex 42

The design, sophisticated controls, and safety features of the Hexon recirculating chiller are impressive. The vivid display shows all of the crucial data regarding the current and set point values. The automatic sensor operation pump and compressor safety feature provides the user with peace of mind about the instrument’s safety.

Inbuilt Smart technology to sense low water level in tank and low water flow. Alerts and system safety auto cut-offs.

System capable of executing safety measures automatically.

Safety time-delay for compressor re-start 3 minutes (adjustable).

Pressure, flow , water level, ambient temperature and humidity sensors.

Easy set temperature by user.

Other Feature of Water recirculating chiller

  • Water filter of 100 micron at suction line of the pump.
  • Compact brazed plate heat exchanger for high cooling efficiency.
  • Powder coated MS body for corrosion free use.
  • Castor wheels for easy movement.

We are specialized in customized chillers's from 1k to 16k.

Because of their low downtime, the next generation chillers save time and money, which is why we call them smart chillers.