The smart chillex 52 home screen has an interactive digital display which shows all the data and
parameters for the chiller such as alerts, setting buttons, temperature ertc. Upon switching on
the device the front page on the smart display consists of the following parameters:

Flow Rate in I/min

Water line pressure in kg/cm2

Tank water level in percentage

Alert Screen

Error screen automatically pops up when system has Low Water Flow 6‹ Low Water Level, saving the system from dry run damage.

Home Screen

Home screen or front page on the display con- sists of, Flow rote in L/min, Water line pressure in kg/cm* and Tank water level in percentage(°/‹)

Operation & Buttons

On pressing SET button the display moves to second screen where you can set temperature using the RAISE button to increase setpoint, LOWER to de- crease the setpoint and ENTER button to send value to the system.


Sr. No. Parameters Values
Heat dissipation capacity
Fluid medium
Water flow rate
Supply Water Pressure
Supply Water Temperature
4200 kcal/h (Max.)
Distilled water
4 — 7.5 I/min (adjustable)
3 to 5 kg/cm2
15 to 25 oC (adjustable)

Compressor :

Emerson Copeland 2 TR (Hermetically Sealed)

Water recirculation pump :

Positive Displacement Rotary Vane Pump

Condenser :

Air Cooled Type

Evaporator :

Compact Plate type Heat Exchanger

Refrigent  Gas :

R407c or R134a

Water Tank :

100 Ltrs Capacity

Tank Material :


Control Compressor :

ON/OFF by MCB contactor

Temperature Stability :

 +/-1deg C

Inlet and output connection :

3/8” BSP

Water Piping :

Braided PVC pipe

End Connection  Valve  :

3/8 “ One in/out ball type SS

Water supply connections:

SS/ Brass Construction

Physical dimensions :

600 mm (w) x 800 mm (d) x 1140 mm (h) (Without castors)

Power Supply :

1 Phase Power 230 Volts        

Cabinet   :

Powder Coated MS Panels On MS Fabricated Shell with Castor wheels 


  • Safety time-delay for compressor re-start 3 minutes (adjustable).
  • Water filter of 100 micron at suction line of the pump.
  • Compact brazed plate heat exchanger for high cooling efficiency.
  • Powder coated MS body for corrosion free use.
  • Castor wheels for easy movement.

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