Radiant RHX125 Hot Stage

Thermoelectrically cooled device to provide temperature control. easy setup device to quickly start the experiment. Allows observation from zero to125deg C. and below using cool water circulation. System provides rapid sample loading and positioning.

Radiant RHX125 Hot Stage

  • Its unique sensor placement design allows excellent stability at low to high range of temperature.
  • Thermoelectrically cooled device to provide excellent temperature control.
  • Compact design allows high stability and greater temperature control.
  • Swing out lid gives high accessibility and easy sample loading.
  • Its Innovative Design allows easy installation directly on both manual or motarised stage.
  • The unit can be fully customised as per the user requirement.


Touch Screen Control

Touch screen control system for easy ooeration to inout desired set temperature, hold time and temperature Rise Rote.

Live Graphic Display

Live display of data in Graphs 6 Numeric values Easy capture of images with scale and temperature

Innovative Design

Its innovative design allows you to mount it directly on manual stage or motorized stage without need to remove it.



Plastics and Polymers

Food Research


Geological & Life Science

Materials and Metallurgy


The system consists of a (Radiant RHX125) stage and Control Pad system controller. It has the following

  • The temperature range: zero to 125°C. (cool water circulator or cryo circulator to go below zero.
  • Stage 40mm x 40mm area with slide movement possible for 15mm in both X and Y directions.
  • Temperature range zero to 125 deg C Using Water circulation system.
  • Sample heating /cooling can be controlled rate of 0.2 to 30deg C / min.
  • Capability: Reflected and transmitted light

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